RyuLAN 2013 Media

RyuLAN 2013!

You can read our event recap at this link

Pictures and video media from the event, with more on the way. Check out the player and organizers' interviews at the bottom of the page. 

RyuLAN 2013 Winning Team - Cursenamic!

RyuLAN 2013 Winners - "Cursenamic"

Left to right: Anger, adreN, Skadoodle, Volcano, Stan

RyuLAN 2013 Second Place - Frost Gaming (Zomblers)

Left to right: Freakazoid, ry9n, heatwave, classified, mOE

RyuLAN 2013 Third Place - Crucial Connexion!

Left to right - de_ciple, vEz, FMB, Darksky, AKS

I’ve been to probably over 50 LANs, and this one is top 5 for sure, it’s been run REALLY well.
— Jarrod "Remix" Shaw
I have been to a lot of LANs and I can say with a lot of confidence that this lan was ran to complete and utter perfection.
— Lloyd "shaffeR" Shaffer
Seriously Ryu did an awesome job.
— Eric "adreN" Hoag
Ryu continues to be a class act following Source, props to you sir!
— Dan "Gio" Baird