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S19 NA Main - Week 5 Power Rankings

Welcome everyone to Week 5 of ESEA S19 NA Main Power Rankings. This week is a little different as ESEA News was killed and we will be changing the format in which rankings are done. What this means is formatting will look a little bit different, however next week’s rankings will include a VOD of at least one match from the top 8 teams. If you enjoy watching these and wish for me to cover a different division, send me a message @osorandom4u on twitter.

1.     Damn We Are Good holds the number 1 spot, with a crushing 16-1 victory over vitrioL and a 16-11 over SinisterGG. This team continues to impress me week in and week out as they showcase how strong they are as individual players. DWG will be playing Mortality eSports and VegneanceGG, two very strong teams this season. I expect this to be a 2-0 for DWG, however Mortality has the ability to take a game away from DWG and give them their first loss of the season

PTW: TheDudeAbides

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2.      Mortality eSports is given the number 2 spot this week, despite their loss this week on Train. Mortality had a roster shakeup happen at the beginning of the week which caused quite a stir in the community.  I’ve been told the team has gotten back together and they are ready to take the number 1 spot in Main. Mortality will be playing Damn We Are Good and SinisterGG on Inferno this week. I expect this to be a 1-1 week for Mortality but wouldn’t be surprised if Mortality took this 2-0 with a win over DWG.

PTW: yay 

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3.     Anonymous 5 grabs the number three spot with a 2-0 sweep. They were able to beat Dreamboat 16-9, and Incusion CS 16-12. A5 has been one of the teams on my top 8 all season and they help solidified that they deserve to be there with their wins this week. They will be playing Six Sense and LoS Pistoleros. Six Sense will give them the most problem on Inferno and have the ability to upset A5 to make this a 1-1 week for them, however I expect this to be a 2-0 week for A5 


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4.     Six Sense takes the number four spot as they hit a 4 win streak. Six Sense grabbed a 16-2 win over LoS Pistoleros, while they closed out strong with a 16-12 win over The Strategy Aquarium. This team has improved week in and week out, they are constantly proving that they deserve a spot in the top 5 and are out for blood. Six Sense will be playing Anonymous 5 and Dreamboat, two very strong teams. I expect this to be a 1-1 week for Six Sense with a win over Dreamboat. 

PTW: Twistzz

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5.     SinisterGG comes in at number five with a 0-2 week. Now Sinister had a FFL to TGV which I can’t really count against them as the match wasn’t played.  They were able to put up 11 rounds against DWG including seven rounds on T side. The thing that concerned me was they were only able to grab four out of 12 rounds on CT side. SiN will need to figure out how to adjust to teams like DWG if they want to grab the 1st place position in Main. SiN will be playing vitrioL and Mortality eSports on Inferno this week. I expect this to be a 1-1 week for SiN with a win over vitrioL.

PTW: Drone (Welcome Back Buddy)

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6.     The Strategy Aquarium grabs the number six spot with a 1-1 record this week. They were able to snag a nice 16-9 victory over Vanquish CS, however they couldn’t close out vs Six Sense 12-16. TSA will need to stop splitting their matches 1-1 otherwise they won’t be seeing playoffs. They will have a chance to go 2-0 for the week as they place keep 6 and Perfectionvore. I believe TSA can grab both games if they play well as a team and work trades.  

PTW: dsr^_^ 

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7.     Maynesup takes my number seven spot, with a 2-0 sweep for the week. They grabbed a 16-9 victory over VengeanceGG and a crushing 16-3 victory over Dreamboat. Maynesup has a relatively easier week than some of the top 8 teams as they’ll be playing NRG and zone9.  Maynesup has instantly become better with the pickup of miKnutty and yerps1g. They will place top 4 end of season with these two on their roster. I expect a 2-0 week for Maynesup, nothing less.

PTW: miKnutty 

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8.     Vanquish CS rounds out the top eight with a 1-1 record for the week. They found a victory over a broken Mortality eSports 16-12, however they were unable to clench a victory over The Strategy Aquarium falling 12-16. This team has the ability to propel itself in the top 8 if it can find some consistency. They have the right members but small mistakes are costing them big rounds and matches. Vanquish will have a tough week as they’re set to play The Glorious Victorious and vitrioL. I want to believe this will be a 2-0 week for Vanquish but a part of me feels this will be a 1-1 with a loss to The Glorious Victorious.

PTW: Supreme 

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