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What I learned from the DaZeD Interview with Thoorin

This was a long interview, and I doubt most people sat and watched the entire thing. Just like any time content like this is put out, I feel like if you're a fan of NA CSGO or just interested in learning anything that can be of value in game, it's good to spend the time. Anyways, in case you didn't, here are the things that I learned from this interview. 

Below is my video recapping what I learned (it's much shorter than the actual interview), and below that are some bullets to capture most of the same thoughts.

  1. NA continues to be very aim based, because it's the "easy way out" as DaZeD put it. It's much easier to just move your crosshair and shoot than it is to think. It's easier to aim than to brain.
  2. At the end of his run in CSGO, DaZeD began shifting his in-game style from "default to map control" to a less predictable, more random "4-1 split at the start, look for an opening" as teams started to abuse and counter his default setups
  3. Thoorin made a great point worth highlighting-- a great IGL must adapt his style to best fit the players he is given
  4. You can win doing the wrong things. DaZeD described how his team was absolutely dominating all other teams in scrims and online, despite the fact that he felt like they were playing a low level of Counter-Strike. Because of this, he didn't correct them, which proves the point that you can win doing things wrong-- just not once you get to the top. 
  5. DaZeD loses his train of thought a lot. He would talk for minutes at a time, and completely forget the question, lost in his own thoughts and memories. 
  6. Freakazoid PM'd DaZeD after he posted the c9 video, and that tells me both the desire and attitude to improve is there with Freakazoid, which is great news for us NA/c9 fans. 
  7. This is something I had heard was going on, but to hear it described as it was made me a little angry. The top teams in North America weren't getting good practice against each other because they would start trolling once someone did something that was perceived as gimicky or BM. Wonder how much this impacted our performances overseas...
  8. Skadoodle does his job reliably to the point that he could be trusted basically anywhere on any map. The problem is that it sounded like DaZeD had to tell him what that job was on every single round. This is something that a new IGL for Skadoodle (sgares presently) needs to keep in mind to get the most of out of him. 
  9. n0thing would be the best player in the world if he wasn't a stoner and never started smoking the devil's lettuce. Remember kids, say no to drugs. You'll go farther in CSGO.
  10. Swag is incredibly... impulsive? The way it sounded was that each day, swag would wake up as a new person and make rash decisions like cutting teammates, not playing anymore so he could play with his friends, etc. Swag didn't take well to the interview, so maybe this is not an accurate portrayal, and he's definitely still mad at DaZeD, but I thought this was an interesting point of view on one of NA's youngest and brightest stars.
  11. DaZeD and TCK used to act like High School kids in what was described as a nonstop, ruthless, Hiko-is-gay bashing that pushed Hiko to the point of not wanting to play with DaZeD at all. He credits this with why they hadn't played together sooner-- which means that because they acted like children, two of NA's best players didn't compete together for a very long time. 
  12. When it comes to the infamous match throwing, DaZeD made it sound like it was a dboorn orchestrated happening-- I have some insider info on all this, so I won't touch much on it other to say don't take every single word as 100% fact here. 
  13. Out of all of the North American players, DaZeD feels like only 6-8 are truly tier 1 players, and because of contracts will not end up on a team together f or quite a long time. 
  14. The best results iBUYPOWER had came after they watched demos of other teams. WHY THE F WEREN'T THEY DOING THIS AT ALL OF THE MAJORS? WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR THIS LIGHTBULB TO GO OFF????
  15. adreN is a very smart, experienced player, but DaZeD doesn't think he's on par with the AWPs in Europe, so despite being in good positions, making good decisions, he isn't winning the 1 v 1 AWP battles and hasn't for several years now. 

You can find a link to this video on this site if you're interested in viewing for yourself. 


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