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TempoGG Acquired by Enemy eSports

From the Enemy eSports Press Release:

"Enemy is pleased to announce our entrance into CS:GO with the latest addition to our eSports family. It wasn’t easy selecting the perfect players to represent the Enemy family, but we’ve found a squad of young, talented, and promising players with the same drive, dedication, and teamwork that we value, and that can only help to improve the CS:GO community. Without further ado, we’d like to welcome the team formerly known as Tempo GG, and introduce them as Enemy CS:GO.

The current Enemy CS:GO roster is as follows:

  • Steve “Ryu” R – In-Game Leader
  • Donovan “zNf” F – Support
  • Jared “Anomaly” S – Lurker
  • Michael “Uber” G.S – Entry Fragger
  • Kenneth “koosta” S – Primary Awper
  • Jeremy “Quicksilver” S – Sub
  • Keven “AZK” Lariviere – Head Coach

Enemy CS:GO has been on a tear throughout the ESEA Premier League, going 8-0, on an undefeated streak that they look to continue. While the talents on this team posses the mechanical skill to succeed in the big leagues individually, it’s their drive to stay together as a team, and succeed together that puts them above the rest. Through selfless team-play, they look to bring a new dimension to North American Counter Strike, and we believe in them to do so.

Also, for those that may be curious, this is not just a title sponsorship. As an organization, Enemy’s biggest strength is the family we build in our fanbase, and CS:GO will not be excluded from that. We’re currently looking to bring on more CS:GO streamers, produce fragvids for the team, and hopefully reach a point where fan meet and greets can become a reality. There’s plenty of room in Enemy Nation, and our doors are always open."