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S19 NA Intermediate - Week 6 Power Rankings

It's been a while since I was apart of a News team, but I'm back and eager to join Ryu and co. I'll be taking care of the  Intermediate division in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and bring you weekly Power Rankings of the teams I believe are top the division based on a few things I go by. Good luck to all the teams and hopefully you guys enjoy these!


1.     Boreal Connexion -

This group of Canadians have a duo in Aks and FMB who have been playing together for a really long time dating back to CSS. They've pieced together a powerhouse roster in the Intermediate division adding INCREDIBLE Periphery and pubst4r. They're more than likely the clear favorites at this point in the season to win it all, but they'll have a few obstacles in their way for sure. The week ahead on cbble they have to play versus h00liGaNz and WiseFrage. I'm eager to see the matchup against h00liGaNz as both teams seem to match up pretty well on paper, but I think the Boreal duo might be too strong at this point with the momentum they've gained this far into the season. Their second match against Wisefrag ( Hello NARCO! Roster pw? ) would have been a great one, but it seems Wisefrag has taken a hit in their roster pretty hard and looking for players. I believe Boreal can finish 2 - 0 on cbble, but they'll have a tough match against h00liGaNz 

PTW: Periphery

2.     Venom Gaming -

I'm not very sure about this roster as I do not know much about them, but I can say they're having a great season! Their only defeat has come from Boreal where they lost pretty badly 16 - 3, but they've beaten every other opponent pretty convincingly. They have a tough task ahead when they take on 780-YEG-BROS and Nigerians with Goggles. Two teams they should definitely not take lightly and put in some effort to prepare for. Again, I'm uncertain as to who these fellows are, but things can go wrong for them this week taking on two solid teams that are putting in the time to make a run for playoffs. Good luck!

PTW: vmode

3.     Quetzal Gaming -

Ahhh, one of my favorite teams in all of CSGO! I enjoy their play style and their consistent communications when watching them play. They're a group that's been around for a realllllllly long time. Having blue recently added into the mix as a starter has helped them become a solid group yet again. You just can't go wrong with someone like SecretAgent leading the way for you. Things can go wrong this week though! I'm not sure what they can pull off against a talented team like 4evrIM who has been hot lately. Gaming Flex I'm unsure of, but I think they'll manage a W from them. I expect two solid matches, but a 1 - 1 week overall for Quetzal, but  I'm hoping for the best!

PTW: v1ko-

4.     h00liGaNz -

These guys were off to a great 10 - 0 start until last week. Inferno must not be their map. They lost both matches and one pretty convincingly versus Venom Gaming. I know with players like jgrant and insaniac, who I believe is COATES?, they can pick things back up and put together another streak. They did recently cut Glockateer, the pug awp God, from the roster and replaced him with TheGreatOne  who has a fine awp himself and has been around the scene for a while now. I think the addition of him can help them be a better team actually and pull of a 2 - 0 week on cbble against Boreal and Reap What You Sow. It won't be easy, but it is doable!

PTW: TheGreatOne

5.     Reap What You Sow -

Some more familiar faces! I once played alongside the great beneito, but I do remember HurrIcanE ( where have you been! missed you buddy <3 ) nvrx and AlleN as well who seem to be keeping up to par with the transition from 1.6. I enjoy seeing people stay up to par and put in the work to be solid a team. They hit a minor bump in the road last week when they lost badly to 4evrIM 16 - 2 on inferno and things won't get easier this week when they take on h00liGaNz and Wisefrag. I can see a 1 - 1 turn out, but 0 - 2 is also very likely depending on who NARCO puts together for Wisefrag who had a great start to their season.

PTW: HurrIcanE

6.     780-YEG-BROS -

Did someone say 3D.flip?!?! Hehe. Another on of the 3 powerhouse Canadian teams in Intermediate this season. I'm not too sure what they do in their scrims , but it definitely doesn't reflect on their matches because they're doing quite well standing at 10 - 2 right now. They lost a solid match against Reap What You Sow 16 - 13, but that won't hold them back this week. I expect them to certainly come ready for their two upcoming matches, but the outcomes? Man, tough week! They're taking on Venom Gaming and 4evrIM. Hopefully if they do suffer a 0 - 2 week it doesn't set them back too far and motivation isn't lost, but I think flip can make sure his boys are up to the challenge and be ready to take atleast 1 match on cbble.

PTW: flip

7.     4evrIM -

LighTsouT boys~! He seems to have found him a solid group this season and pieced together some big wins so far. I'm not 100% on who is on this roster, but I do know the young fragger PolloTBE  is pretty gamn good. Maybe he was just what they needed to get them over that hump and they'll definitely need him this week because they're taking on the Mexican powerhouse Queztal and the 780-YEG-BROS. Can they overcome both matches? Yes. Will they? I think so! They're going to be well prepared for both and LighTsouT is on a mission this season. Watch out SileNt. He's coming to the Pro scene next!

PTW: PolloTBE 

8.     Nigerians With Goggles

A team that's been there done that mixing together with a team that wants to do what they have. All day over take?!!? Idk what I read on forums, but this roster is solid how it is now. I knew Jay had it in him this whole time to leave the all  day group and do well elsewhere. Good for you, pal. With a loss to Gaming Flex, but a win on h00liGaNz I figured this was a decent spot to put these guys, for now. If they can pull of some must wins against iniQuitous and Venom Gaming we can see them shoot for a top spot next week. Rich the dm master will be the most prepared for these guys come game time! The guy lived in the SYOPS dm~!

PTW: Rich

9.     powerMode -

The third powerhouse Canadian team. I'm not sure how this group has suffered 3 losses, but I am sure they will be in a top spot come playoffs and fighting for a championship. They have great individual players throughout the entire roster and they've seem to be coming along quite well recently winning 5 straight matches that I see turning into 7 at the end of the cbbl week. They're taken on UBINITED and WaveForm. Two teams I believe they should handle pretty easily, but hopefully they don't have an off night.

PTW: jayy

10.     almost extreme na -

It was tough choosing the last team for the top 10, but I gave it to these guys. They've had 3 heartbreaking losses that could have gone their way if things panned out differently and I believe they have a roster capable of stringing together some great wins ahead. Frank will make sure they get a main spot, promise! With matches against Gaming Flex and Average Joes I think those can be 2 teams that can help them gain their momentum back, but don't take either team lightly because they're on the hunt just as much as you guys are to be in playoffs in the next couple weeks!

PTW: Mago