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FinalMouse 2015 - Review

FinalMouse 2015 

The story of how I stumbled across this mouse / company is a little weird-- they were apparently in some kind of stealth mode, and were using Amazon as a method of fulfillment and distribution to a group of testers that included some professional level gamers. One of them (adreN) commented about the mouse on stream, and that's how I came to find out about it. I dug for a bit of info and didn't really find much, with the exception being a review posted by a well respected "mouse expert" on the forums, which ended up being taken down, and a representative from FinalMouse directly posting on the forums. 

All that being said, I found the mouse on Amazon, which was Prime eligible, and ordered it with next day shipping. Below is my review and thoughts/findings.

Please note that this is likely a "pre-final version" product, meaning that it's slightly further along than beta, but not quite "production ready". The information here is based on not only my thoughts/findings, but by the posts of FinalMouseJude on the forums. 

First Impressions

My first impression came before I even opened the box...  "Wow, this thing feels light". The packaging was a simple, clean white box with only the company logo on the front, their name on the top, and the standard "velcro'd shut" front which opens to expose the mouse on the inside.

 Out of the box it's even more impressively lightweight. I believe I read that it weighed in at a svelte 74g without the cable which is pretty impressive. Once on my mousepad, I placed my ever-so-powerful fragging hand on it and enjoyed both the shape and the texture of the mouse, as well as the way the thumb rest is done. Overall, it's very comfortable. 

However, when I wiggled the mouse back and forth to test how well it glided over my mousedpad, I found the mousewheel to be super wobbly to the point of making an audible rattle. More on this later. 

Shape, Grip, & Switches

The shape of the mouse is right handed ergonomic, and the combination of the size/shape/texture feel great in hand. It's a bit smaller than a Deathadder, and between the weight, the shape, and the plasticy-rubber thumb grip slot, I felt like I had strong control of the mouse. This thumb grip is a bit unique to me, not as "grippy" as the sides of a Deathadder, but provide enough grip to handle it without issue.  

The FinalMouse 2015 uses Omron switches for the main mouse buttons, which provide a very nice, yet super soft/responsive click. Despite having read some things on the forums about the mouse buttons having issues, mine had none. They activated cleanly at "normal" depth, and with great tactile feel. 

The two side buttons above the thumb rest I found to be fairly stiff, but that's not a bad thing to me, since I use the side buttons to pull out grenades in CS:GO. The DPI button is located at the top of the mouse, which is a bit different than most mice that have it on the underside, and it's a stiff button as well. It worked as expected, changing from DPI settings 400/800/1600/3200. I played and tested the mouse entirely on 400 DPI. 

Not that I care much for the fancy lighting of mice these days, but the simple "white light" that shines through the FinalMouse logo on the back looks pretty clean. It doesn't pulse or strobe or do anything crazy, and that's fine by me. Some light escapes from the scroll wheel, but that appears to be by design. 

Build Quality & Sensor Performance 

Build quality is somewhere in the 6.5 to 7 out of 10 range. The shell itself feels fine, the mousefeet glide well, and the buttons press without issue. Some on the Overclock forums had posted about weird issues with the left and right mouse buttons, but none of what was reported there presented itself in the overall build for me. 

The scroll wheel has pretty "clicky" steps, but they're still smooth enough for me to bunny hop well within CS:GO using mwheeldown as my jump key. The issue I have with the scroll wheel is its overall "fit" within the shell. It's very wobbly and if I move the mouse side to side, it rattles pretty loudly. 

Additionally, the other MAJOR issue I've experienced is that no less than a dozen times the sensor stopped tracking entirely (which has gotten me killed in CS:GO about 5 times). Testing it further, I've found this only happens after I have lifted the mouse and brought it back down on the mousepad surface (which is fairly often if you use your pad for big swipes and then recenter the mouse quickly). 

Read the "Company & Customer Service" section below for what I'm doing about those issues. 

The momentary "freeze" in tracking aside, I otherwise found in-game performance to be excellent. Tracking was spot on, there was no accel/smoothing/etc., and with the shape/weight and the Omron switches, it made for a very comfortable, happy fragging session. I normally play claw grip with an ambidextrous mouse, so it took me a bit to get adjusted, but afterwards it was very enjoyable. So much so, that if I can get the tracking issue resolved, this may become my main mouse (though I have a few more on the way this week, so there's competition in that space). 

Company & Customer Service

There were a number of things that attracted me to spend the money and test out this mouse. 

  1. I love it when a company has a rep of some kind active on social media, community sites, etc. and found FinalMouseJude posting on the forums to be a great sign
  2. A company focused on "give the good stuff without the fluff" is something I value
  3. The "software-less" configuration is my preference, which is why up until recently I had been using Zowie mice (EC2/FK/FK1/FK2)
  4. I like the newcomer, the underdog in an increasingly crowded space

Now one of the reasons I will not be a SteelSeries customer anytime in the near future is because of the dismal customer service experience I had with them when my headset broke. It took over 2 months to get a headset RMA'd during which time I would've been without a headset entirely had I not had a few spares laying around. They were slow to respond, slow to "test the bad hardware", and slow to ship out the replacement. 

Completely the opposite of that experience has been my experience interacting with FinalMouse Support thus far. I emailed them prior to posting this to A, let them know I was posting it since the other reviews had all been taken offline, and B, to let them know of my issues to see if there was something I could do to troubleshoot them before posting them on the interwebs. 

The timestamp screenshot to the right shows the time of my original email to them, their reply, my response, followed by FinalMouse support telling me they'd be replacing my mouse and shipping the new one out today, with the final email confirming that my new replacement mouse will arrive TOMORROW. Outstanding responsiveness and customer service. 

To summarize, within about an hour they had acknowledged the problem I reported,  indicated it was an issue on their end and that it fell under their warranty, and that they would not only replace it, but would have the replacement to me next day. 10/10.


Overall, I'm a very big fan of this mouse and the seemingly new FinalMouse company. Their customer service has been great, they post actively on community forums, and their first mouse itself is an excellent "rev 1" that  works (mostly) well. If I can get my issues resolved this may become my go-to mouse, which is crazy to say given how many mice I have sitting on the desk behind me as I write this. 

If you're looking for a LIGHTWEIGHT yet ergonomic mouse with Omron switches, this is likely the mouse for you. That being said, the $69.99 price point is a bit high for what you're getting (with a no-thrills, no-software mouse using a known good sensor) when compared to other mice available. However, there aren't many (any?) others that are a true apples to apples when you factor in the size, shape, weight, sensor, and driver-less implementation. 

Conclusion: I'd give this mouse a solid B


As promised, I received my replacement unit OVERNIGHT, and this new unit has had zero issues after about 6-8 hours of solid testing. 

There is no wiggle/rattle with the scroll wheel, and no issues with pauses/freezes or skipping in tracking. 


In light of this new piece of hardware, I'd happily upgrade the FinalMouse 2015 to an A-.

The only things keeping it from an A are: 

  • The grip texture on the left of the mouse and the glossy right side of the mouse
  • The DPI steps aren't exactly accurate-- based purely on my in game sensitivity (which has not changed), this mouse is slower than the one I had first received
  • 500hz polling rate