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Reviving The Site! New Content - Coming Soon!

I know it's been quite a while since we've used this particular site for any content-- posts, videos, or otherwise. We've been somewhat active on the YouTube front (, and will hopefully be more active starting in 2015. Chances are this is your first time to this page, especially if you've been following on YouTube, or had been browsing the forums of as your source of new content from us. 

To help consolidate our efforts, I've redirected the domain to this location, and may end up rebranding this site to properly reflect the brand, with the RyuLAN events and content falling underneath the overall RG umbrella. 

There are several things in the works already (none of them near-term events, so let's put that to rest quickly) on the content and giveaway fronts, as well as some things we'll be trying in the next couple of months to help elevate the stream ( As time allows, we'll be rolling those out here on this site. 

Hopefully the content we've provided in ALL of the locations its been scattered has been helpful and interesting to you-- and any feedback you have is always desired and appreciated. And on that note, any ideas, suggestions, or demands for content you have, of any kind, please let us know!