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The Roost Stand - Review!

A buddy of mine showed me The Roost Stand at my previous company and it looked interesting, but wasn't something I really saw value in at the time. It took me awhile to come around, and now I'm the proud owner of one. 

In a nutshell, The Roost Stand is a super strong, super lightweight, portable laptop stand designed for clam-shell laptops (like MacBooks, and like the Razer Blade) that elevates the laptop screen to eye-level. This helps with the user's overall posture and prevents the user from being hunched over their laptop screen, looking down.

It originated out of necessity, like many great inventions/products do, as the creator of the Roost stand was having all kinds of physical health problems resulting from his computer use. His doctors told him that he needed to take time away, let himself heal, etc. He tried different wrist rests, ergonomic chairs, fancy desks, etc. but was still suffering from being hunched over his laptop day in, day out. He started a campaign on Kickstarter hoping to raise about $8,000, and in less than 30 days, he actually raised over $200,000. Check out this video to get the full story on The Roost Stand.

Since that time, the company has continued to hand make the stands in America (in Denver, CO). Now that you know what it basically is, it's time for my thoughts after having used it for about 3 weeks now. 

To start, I'd like to say that while I use a laptop a fair amount, I never really noticed any pain in my neck or upper back-- or at least not enough for me to feel like this purchase was an absolute MUST for that reason. The main reason I wanted to pick this stand up was so that I could build out a mobile gaming-ready setup, as my career has me in hotels and on the road fairly often.

 How to frag out in a hotel

How to frag out in a hotel

That being said, after using it for work/professional purposes, I really enjoy having the laptop at eye-level. Since I wasn't having any pain to begin with, it didn't really help me with that (again, nothing there to help), but I do feel more productive and I can tell my posture is much different with the laptop in the air than it had been when it was on the desk. It also forces me to use an external mouse and keyboard, which helps with some of the hand strain I'v experienced when using the keyboard/trackpad combo of a laptop for too long (usually hurts my thumbs after a while). 

Unfortunately the laptop stand is a bit much to break out in front of customers during in-person meetings-- and unlike some of the advertisements for The Roost Stand, I won't be using this in a coffee shop. So for me, the only times I get to use it are when I'm working on the laptop at home, at the office, or in a hotel. Even still, I consider it to be a great purchase-- and I've even used it to play in a match while in a hotel just a week or two ago. There's the picture to prove it :) 

Long story short, if you're looking at a laptop cooler to help hold your laptop higher or just considering a laptop stand, you should absolutely put The Roost on your list to check out. Their sales support staff was very quick to respond to my questions about support for the Razer Blade laptop, so if you're not sure if your laptop will work with it, shoot them an email or a tweet and they'll validate it for you.

 What it looks like when collapsed/folded

What it looks like when collapsed/folded

It's super lightweight, incredibly strong, it folds up to take almost no space in your bag, and the screen-cleaning cloth it comes in is a nice little bonus.

I definitely recommend it.