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Razer Taipan - Our Review!

Another mouse review (we know, we're addicted)-- this time on the Razer Taipan. This is an ambidextrous mouse featuring Omron switches, an Avago 9800 laser sensor (for tracking), and a rubberized grip/texture similar to that of the Deathadder.

The shape is similar to that of the Diamondback, but not quite there, as it does flare out a bit in the back where we try to tuck our ring and pinky fingers. This mouse has received lukewarm reception from the knowledgeable mouse critics, mainly due to issues with its previous software "smoothing" and presence of acceleration. We decided to give it a shot.


  • Nice ambidexterous shape
  • Great grip/texture
  • Good mouse switch/button feel
  • No prediction


  • Laser sensor
  • Acceleration (our testing was negative accel, some have claimed positive)
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Ugh, the marketing. (4G AMAZING MAGICAL 8200 DPI sensor)
  • Occasional tracking issues-- tracking "gets stuck" or gets twitchy