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What we learned from the Coppenhagen Games

HLTV posted a good (and lengthy) article on what they learned from the CPH games (see link here). A lot of great lessons for sure, but we had some of our own that they didn't include in there's.

1. The top North American teams are highly competitive

Yes, even with the Euros. This is one that they didn't mention-- which is kind of a shame. For an event with as many teams as CPH had (48?), to see the two NA teams both place in the top 7 is something to be proud of, especially knowing how infrequently they're able to LAN given the current shortage of events in North America.

Both Quantic Gaming and Curse.NA had impressive performances against well known teams.

2. Skadoodle is a beast (yes, on LAN)

I posted this as a lesson learned from the RyuLAN event in January, but the fact is that there are still people out there that doubt it. Having watched him roll some of the top EU players/teams, hit incredible shots (consistently), and watching him receive praise from the games current elite (NiP), there should no longer be any doubters. Ska can frag, period.

3. Quantic has a very well rounded roster

I was going to title this "DaZed is LANstrong", but then thought "Hiko is...", "Semphis is...", so this title makes more sense. There were a few teams at the event that had a semi-glaring weak spot in their roster/lineup. Quantic was NOT one of those teams. The first day during qualifiers DaZed look like he'd take MVP of the entire event-- fragging out if his mind. The second day (first day of the main tournament) it looked as though he had cooled off a bit, but Hiko stepped up. Then Semphis, and then, and then, and then.

A very well balanced team can go very far-- if they ALL get on a hot streak at once, it'll be fun to watch.

4. NiP Is not letting up on the throttle

Sometimes your worst enemy can be your own success. That can sound weird at first, but we've seen it in eSports, traditional sports, and even in businesses across the globe. A team or company gets so good and stays at the top of their game for a period of time, they start to let up a bit. Maybe they skip a practice or two, because hey, they're the best, and that's how things will stay, right?

What usually happens is that a team or company that falls into that mindset has the gap between them and their competition rapidly diminish, eventually disappear, and then reverse-- where they're no longer the top dog.

That's clearly not the case with NiP. On LAN, they're still miles ahead of the rest (85 wins, 0 losses).

5. The auto sniper is strong on Train.

It's always fun to see someone running around a map, sporting an auto sniper. In the CPH main tournament, several teams opted for it over the AWP, as the long hallways and smaller choke points on Train make it prime for spamming of the auto. We saw several teams employing this strategy, including NiP and Quantic Gaming.

It's generally a good thing to see more and more weapons getting used in competitive play; it helps reduce the feelings that CS lacks variety.

6. Good admins can make or break a LAN event

Having been down the road before, it was painful to watch the number of technical difficulties and the massive delays that ensued as a result. Having good, knowledgeable server admins will always make an event run smoother. BYOCs are notoriously more difficult, as you really don't have any control over the PC hardware, how stable it is, etc.

While it's NEVER POSSIBLE to avoid having issues, it's in the best interest of the event organizers to have plans, backup/contingency plans, and a flexible schedule with "uh oh!" time built in. You'd be amazed at how tolerant people are if you properly set their expectations up front (said another way, "You guys are playing your next match in two hours" is much better than "You guys are playing at the end of this match... wait, nevermind, technical issues... hang on, it'll be delayed a while. We're working on it, check back later".

If you haven't read it yet, we have a brief guide put together to help those looking to organize an event-- one of the points there is to properly set expectations and communicate often.

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