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E-Blue Cobra Junior Mouse Review

No, don't laugh. We really did review this mouse. Why you ask? Because it has a nearly IDENTICAL shape to the Razer Diamondback that we love so much. On top of that, it only cost us $12 (and it had free shipping)-- we couldn't pass that up!

So to start out, the mouse shipped in what was by far the smallest mouse box we've come across. It's literally less than half of the box from our Zowie FK, which itself was rather small.

The mouse uses an Avago 5050 chipset (according to E-Blue), which is an optical sensor that has DPI steppings of 400/800/1600. It has an on the fly DPI switch, and two side buttons on the left hand side (where your thumb goes for a right handed gamer). The shape IS in fact just about identical to the Diamondback. Check out the video below for our comparison of the Cobra Jr to the Razer Diamondback 3G, and the Zowie FK.


  • Super inexpensive at $12 shipped
  • Great shape
  • Great grip/texture
  • Good mouse switch/button feel
  • No drivers/software


  • Prediction/Correction 
  • 125hz polling rate
  • No buttons on the right side (not a biggie for right handed players)
  • Tracking issues even at lower speeds in game