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Gunnar Optiks - Our Review!

Gunnar Optiks are starting to grow in popularity around the CS:GO scene, so we decided to give them a try a few months ago-- for both gaming, and also at work. For those who don't know, Gunnars are "high tech computer eyewear designed to protect, enhance, and optimize your vision." They're specifically designed for eyes that find themselves staring at digital screens for hours on end (and let's admit it, that describes most of us these days). 

After wearing them for a few weeks at work, while watching TV, reading on the tablet, and then playing PC games, we have to admit, we're big fans. We didn't really know what to expect, as we didn't have much in the way of eye-issues before hand-- but found that wearing these helped our eyes feel more "relaxed", (if that makes sense). They also brightened the screens we were looking at, which lead to longer battery life on a few laptops, and reduced the glare of the MacBook's glossy screen.

We're shocked that these haven't blown up in popularity YET, and since trying them out, some people (especially those around the office) may have confused us for part time Gunnar salesmen. It'd be a good idea for us to sign up as resellers and get in on the action since we've easily sold a dozen pairs through our peer and social networks.

The only suggestion we'd make for the Gunnar marketing team is that while gaming and gamers are an important demographic to go after with this product, there is a MASSIVE market opportunity in the everyday "office professional". The marketing, from what we've seen, has been very "gamer", and unfortunately that's still a turn off for non-gamers. At the local Best Buy stores, these can ONLY be found in the Xbox aisle (and that's just wrong!). 

Interested? You should be. Check out the Gunnar site and watch the videos to get more info-- it's fascinating technology!