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CS:GO - MAJOR Update, Recoil Changes

While having been rumored for some time, we didn't learn that the rumors were true until early last week, a few days prior to the RyuLAN 2013 event. Today, Valve released a major update which completely changed the recoil of nearly all guns in CS:GO. In addition, they changed the pricing of several weapons, including pistols and grenades, nerfed the Mag7 and supposedly the P90 (though the evidence of the P90 hasn't been presented yet), and upped the Kill Reward for the AWP to $100.

There have been both positive and negative reactions to the update, with most of the positive comments stemming from the accuracy of the AK47 and the reduction of it's unwieldy recoil, and the negative comments coming from the dislike of the "reduced skill ceiling" by minimizing recoil and making spraying easier, and turning the Deagle into a 2-shot kill cannon.

Once we're able to spend some time in game and form opinions of our own, we'll be sure to share them. But in the meantime, feel free to share yours with us here or on Twitter (@RyuLAN_).