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RyuLAN 2013 - It's a wrap!

RyuLAN 2013 is over. It's hard for us to believe, but it's true. 

Final Results

  1. Curse/Dynamic pug - adreN, Anger, Skadoodle, Stan, Volcano
  2. Frost Gaming Zomblers - ry9n, FREAKAZOID, mOE, heatwave, classified
  3. Crucial Connexion - de_ciple, vEz, Aks, FMB, Darksky
  4. Monomatic eSports - Remix, shaffeR, planks, fl0m, p0s

We'd like to thank the following for all of their help, support, coverage, etc. on the event:

  • Dioko
  • SapphiRe
  • eBash (Zack and their whole team)
  • Ryu's GF
  • Hex and goRILLA
  • ESEA News
  • VeryGames (for the GOTV relay)
  • The players who came out and showed their support in person
  • The fans who supported the event on the forums, the site here, and on the stream

Much like past events, we had an absolute blast this weekend. The event ran very smoothly, the competition was great, and the feedback from the players was incredibly positive-- from the quality of the PCs to the shot-registration of the servers, and everything in between. We had nearly 1,000 stream viewers, hundreds more watching the GOTV streams, and thousands more staying up to date here on the website, as well as on,, and a few other eSports sites. The reach of our event was massive-- and we couldn't have done it without you, the fans and the players. 

We posted up our thoughts and a brief recap of each day's events with some of the lessons we learned each day, and in addition to those, we've got tons more, some of which we'll share in this post. 

The Future of CS:GO

Watching some of the best players in North America play this weekend, it was abundantly clear to us that the skill ceiling in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is insanely high-- to a point it's almost unreal. The pros who came out are incredibly talented, and even the best of them can still get magnitudes better. It's hard to imagine. 

Playing CS:GO on LAN is such an amazingly enjoyable experience-- if you haven't come to frag on LAN yet, you have no idea what you're missing. The clockcorrection CVAR  set to 0 and the network connections having nearly no latency at all make for pixel perfect shot registration, and produce some of the sickest, fastest twitch shots you'll ever see in the game. How could you not love that?

In addition, this weekend proved to us that CS:GO has massive potential. We'd even go so far as to predict that CS:GO WILL be very popular and highly competitive for years-- only growing from where we are today. Some of the other folks in the LAN center who were playing COD and similar games stopped to watch the stream (on two monitors in the facility), and several went on to pay for play-hours at the LAN to go play CS:GO on a PC. This is very important, and shouldn't be overlooked. We'll plan on expanding our thoughts on this in a future post. But for now, know that the future of CS:GO is bright; very bright.


Throughout the event we did a lot of giveaways, not only to those in attendance, but to those who spent some of their weekend watching our live coverage. Some of our giveaways included:

  • SteelSeries Siberia V2 Headset
  • Plantronics Gamecom 780 Headset
  • Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard
  • Razer Deathadders
  • Zowie AM
  • Logitech G400s
  • Gunnar Optik Eyewear (3 pairs)
  • ATI Radeon 7770 video card

In addition to the giveaways, we also decided to spice up a few of the knife rounds on Day 2 by awarding the winning team a crisp $100 bill-- and we did this 4 times. 

 Remix, cheesin' with SXP's knife round winnings.

Remix, cheesin' with SXP's knife round winnings.

We decided to use Remix's photo, since he was the one who inspired the idea after bragging that his team had not lost a knife round yet.

For the prize pot, we paid out $5,000 in total to the top 3 teams, and just like last time, we paid the teams out on the spot.


A replay of the casting can be found on Dioko's twitch stream at THIS LINK

We also recorded GOTV demos of every match, but unfortunately there is a bug with GOTV demos that is preventing anyone from being able to watch them and produce the countless frag videos we were hoping for. Feel free to reach out to the CSGO developers and Steam community if you know of someone that could possibly help.

There are also a ton of pictures, and a few of the interviews posted here on the RyuLAN 2013 page.

Wondering if you should have attended?

Ask these guys what they think.

I have been to a lot of LANs and I can say with a lot of confidence that this LAN was ran to complete and utter perfection.
— Lloyd "shaffeR" Shaffer
I’ve been to probably over 50 LANs, and this one is top 5 for sure, it’s been run REALLY well.
— Jarrod "Remix" Shaw
WAS GREAT EVENT!!!!! To all those in the community that didn’t attend, I think you should reconsider for the next one, the man put in a ton of work and made a very organized LAN, every computer was top of line great fps, no issues for anyone.
— Mike "de_ciple" Baker
Ryu is the man! Great LAN!
— Vincent "planks" M
Seriously Ryu did an awesome job.
— Eric "adreN" Hoag
Ryu continues to be a class act following Source, props to you sir!
— Dan "Gio" Baird
Cheers to Ryu!! He even took out $400 out of his pocket to give out to teams for winning knife rounds. The computers were fantastic.

I really hope Ryu hosts another event.
— Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm
This event deserved at LEAST 16 teams. It’s well ran, the computers were amazing.
— Moe "mOE" Assad

Thanks again to everyone that attended and supported this event. We're looking forward to continuing to serve you, the CS:GO community, in 2013.