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RyuLAN 2013 - Day Two Recap

Day two was a shorter but equally exciting day of matches. It brought us an overtime match (as I predicted in my Day One Recap post below this one), an upset of a top North American team, $100 knife rounds, and an impressive performance by the highly skilled combination of players from teams Curse and Dynamic, who laid down the law after going 0-1 in the Best of 3 Final.

Today followed a traditional double elimination bracket, with the top seeds from each group playing the second seed of the opposite group. After taking an early lead, both Zomblers (Frost Gaming) and Cursenamic finished up their matches quickly, pushing mMe (SXP) and C2 into the lower brackets. What followed in the next round of play was intense: FG and Cursenamic went into OT on de_inferno, and C2 upset mMe, eliminating them from the tournament outside of the prize money. Both matches were highly entertaining, and set the pace for the rest of the day.

Lessons Learned

Continuing with the theme from the Day One Recap, here are the items we took note of and wanted to share from Day two.

  1. Streaming changes EVERYTHING. It used to be VERY difficult to cover an event well, but with sites like, outside viewers can stay in near real-time with the happenings at the event with little effort. 
  2. GOTV relays are great to have, and definitely worth lining up a few in advance of an event like this. Big thanks to sapphiRe and the team at VeryGames for getting the relays rolling.
  3. Communication makes everything better-- both for the teams in game, as well as for us running the event. Letting the teams know how things would operate before, during, and after helped avoid questions, address concerns early on, and ensured smooth sailing throughout the day.
  4. Giveaways are rigged through the power of positive thinking, and stating what you're hoping to win. Yesterday Remix said "I really want to win that headset, pick my ticket", and sure enough, his ticket came up. Today, shaffeR did the same thing (and won a headset), and then mOE did it again shortly after, saying "Bro pick something that starts with zeros". He won a mouse.
  5. Same as yesterday's #5-- the maps make a huge difference. It's important to be skilled and coordinated on all of them, not just one or two.
  6. The teams/players love our $100 cash for knife rounds idea. It made those rounds that much more entertaining. 
  7. Skadoodle can frag out on LAN. We got to spend some time watching him play before his strong showing in the finals, and he can frag. It's probably time for the forums to ease up a bit.
  8. When you play against Frost Gaming (Zomblers), consider charging them rent-- because they WILL be in your head, making room for a comfy stay.
  9. If you're playing against Cursenamic and they do the team-group-hug-huddle (shown below), you're going to lose. After hugging it out, they rolled through the second and third maps of the finals.
  10. When Ryu gets on a Twitch stream, all viewers involuntarily type "-Ryu" (and some question his existence).