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RyuLAN 2013 - Day One Recap

Wow! What a day!

RyuLAN Players Only.png

Let us start out by saying THANK YOU to all the teams that attended the event. You guys really "brought it", and the level of competition was very high. The intensity of some of those Group Play matches was nuts, and at the last round of play for Group 2, any of the 4 teams still had a chance to make the double elimination bracket. Crazy! 

We'd also like to thank Dioko publicly for casting the matches ALL DAY LONG yesterday. When he volunteered we didn't realize what he had signed up for, and we're pretty sure he wasn't sure either. But he delivered and stayed through all of the matches. Round of applause and mega-kudos to Dioko.

Throughout the day we jotted down some notes of thoughts we wanted to share as part of this recap. 

For those who were asking, for Group 1 we set it up so the first team to get 2 wins would move on, and the remaining two teams would play in a Best of 3 matchup. We did this because Zetsui did not attend, leaving us short in the first Group, but we had promised all teams at least 3 matches, and it was the only way we could make it happen. We would've hated to see A beats B, A loses to C, B loses to C, and B goes home after two matches. We felt it was most fair and it allowed us to stay true to our word.

Also, to clarify something that happened during the Zomblers/Cursnamic match, Freakazoid's computer did NOT crash. He accidentally hit "F10" which as you know is bound to "quit". Unfortunately when the server sees someone "quit", it assumes that they are done playing, and no money gets saved, as is the case if someone crashes and the "match-doctor" catches it. 

Lessons Learned

  1. WAY too many people still require drivers for their mice. If you're planning to LAN more often, I strongly suggest going "plug n play", even if it means finding a difference mouse. Trust me, not all LAN events or centers allow for driver installs. 
  2. Energy drinks at a concession desk are a brilliant idea for a LAN. Some of you may have gone over board though (I know I can only handle two Monsters in a 24 hour period myself).
  3. CS:GO has a strong element of "any given Sunday" to it, where teams expected to steam roll through matches can be taken in to the last few rounds and the match could turn either way. 
  4. The "tippy top" teams enjoy a comfortable gap over the "regular top" teams.
  5. The maps make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to all of the teams we've watched so far. If it goes to a strong map, the team can roll, if it goes to an "average map" they could get rolled. It could just be the time of the season, but we felt more time could be spent on some of the other maps in the game.
  6. Use server passwords, always, no matter what. Thanks Good Reverend for teaching me that valuable lesson.
  7. Don't let Ryu goof the server commands-- it'll bring down the server. Big thanks to Zomblers/UPDOG for being tolerant. We felt it was handled very well overall.
  8. Despite the forum posts, not having 120hz monitors ended up being a non-issue. Maybe we'll get them for next time anyways, but for now, thanks all for fragging out with less than 120hz.
  9. SV_CLOCKCORRECTION_MSECS "0" is a world of difference on LAN. When ESEA set it for league play it was very choppy for a lot of players. On LAN, it's buttery-smooth and reduces/eliminates that peekers' advantage we've posted about on the site here before.
  10. Canadians love the Green Dot crosshair.
  11. Valve has done a tremendous job building in the "match type system" into the game, which makes our lives running the servers so much less complicated. The auto-team switch at half is wonderful. Great work Valve team!
  12. GOTV is desired by some who want to watch without going through a stream, but the configuration required is a little tough (to either pass it through a firewall so an outsider can join, or to "push" the stream to a GOTV relay, which we'd recommend).
  13. Raffled giveaways are always a big hit, but it's rare that someone says "Oh man, I really need that headset. Pick my ticket" and then the ticket that's chosen at random, without looking, ends up being theirs. Congrats Remix!
  14. Unbind the "F10" key

Now that we're on Day two, we're expecting to see some really close, high intensity matches throughout. We're expecting to see OVERTIME in a few of the matches, and all OT will be played out (as a team must win and a team must lose in double elimination brackets). Cursnamic is the #1 seed from Group 1, and SXP/mMe is the #1 seed from Group 2.

The finals will be a best of 3-- not a "upper bracket team wins once and it's over" set up. However, the upper bracket team gets choice of first map and their starting side as reward for going undefeated in the bracket.

We hope you'll stay tuned in and check this site back often after the event, as we'll share our closing thoughts, some great action shots, and maybe a few more giveaways!