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CS:GO Minor Update - 12/3

Valve released another minor update last night, and this time they made a change to the default value of the semi-controversial command we had posted about a little ways back; that command being sv_clockcorrection_msecs, which at the time was only available to be configured via the game's launch options.

This has now been changed to be configurable as a normal CVAR value and has been whitelisted. You can see what a server is set to by typing the command in the console and pressing enter. Additionally, the default value has been dropped from 60 to 30, which j3di (the man/myth/legend who found the command and figured out its use) stated that is basically 4 individual ticks at 128 tick, and should be much smoother online than "0" without any client configuration changes. 

The other change to note is a change to the behavior and price of the decoy grenades, which are now priced at $50. To read more of the release notes, see the link below.