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RyuLAN Rules: Molotovs and Incendiary Grenades

 Burn baby burn!

Burn baby burn!

A hotly debated topic (no pun intended), the "flame nades" in CS:GO have, without a doubt, a huge impact on the gameplay during competitive matches. They greatly alter in game strategies, as a single well placed Incendiary grenade can stop a group of storming Ts before they have a chance to frag, dealing damage and often segmenting a few from the group.

Some argue that they deal way too much damage. Others complain more about their "slowing" effect, and how it makes it near impossible to simply "rush over" an area on fire without dying or getting fragged.

Others (myself included) embrace them, though quite gently, as a fun and exciting change to the norm we've been a part of for over a decade.

That being said, as we've always done for RyuLAN events, we're putting it up to a vote by the players to determine if we'll allow them at the next RyuLAN event. We're hopeful that the players and teams will agree with us, but there's only one way to find out. Now go vote! it's election day after all. 

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