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CS:GO Fundamentals II - Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades - The use of smoke grenades can be the difference between a good player, and a great player. Most beginners or lesser experienced players don't even buy them! Instead, a novice will jump into a public server, get completely dominated by the AWP, and then say "WOW THAT GUN IS LAME, BAN THE AWP PLZ". What they don't realize is that a few well placed smokes can make all the difference.

Proper smoke grenade placement, like proper flashbanging, usually means learning the angles, knowing where to lay the smoke, the checkpoints on a map, etc. But what extends beyond what you can do with a flashbang  is that smoke grenades must land before they pop and the smoke plumes. As a result, there are a ton of maps in which you can throw a smoke grenade a mile away, and if you know where to throw it, it'll smoke off a critical point of the map. And there's no risk in being "out in the open" when throwing them (and in some cases, they can be thrown from your spawn).

In addition to being used to block off the CT team and limit their visibility to assist "offensively", CTs can use smoke grenades to their advantage by laying them on or near a choke point, forcing the Ts to have to push through it. From there, they can sit on the other side of the smoke, waiting for a smoke-blinded T to run through it, having no visibility into what's waiting for them on the other end. Most average players, and a guess of about half of the competitive experienced players, get very disoriented when their screen is nothing but smoke.  If you watch some of the top teams in match play, you'll see this "defensive" smoke strategy take place frequently. We suggest you find the spots they smoke and start to test them out yourself.

If you're in a pug or even in a match and you're finding that one player has completely dominated you and your team from the same position/angle over and over, try smoking it off and flushing them off their spot. The impact of a few smoke grenades can be immense.

CS:GO is one place where smoking regularly can save your life (in game, anyways).