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CS:GO Update - Fire Nerf & "Saving" Penalty

Last night Valve released an update to CS:GO that will have major and immediate impacts on competitive gameplay. After what Valve stated as "consistent, constant feedback" from pro players and the community as a whole, they have drastically reduced the "overpoweredness" (not really a word) of molotov and incendiary grenades in the game. 

The biggest change with the fire grenades is that they will no longer have movement "tagging", where a player is essentially hamstrung if caught in the fire and moves at a painfully reduced rate while trying to escape. You now run at full speed over the fire, which greatly improves the pace of the rounds (mostly for the Terrorist team) as you can now run over the top of the fire and take minimal damage, as opposed to getting stuck in it and nearly dying. 

In addition, the fire spreads faster and not quite as far, AND it can be EXTINGUISHED or even PREVENTED by a smoke grenade. 

"- Fire can now be extinguished by smoke grenades and deployed smokes now deny fire device detonation and spreading."

 Don't stare into the fire...

Don't stare into the fire...

This means that if the other team stacks two molotov grenades on each other, a well placed smoke grenade will put the fire out. And additionally, if you throw the smoke grenade first and a molotov lands on it, no fire will be produced. 

This obviously adds a new element to the meta-game of grenades in CS:GO, and more importantly  helps the game maintain a faster, more enjoyable pace.

Now the one MAJOR downside to this update that hasn't been discussed or covered as widely as the fire grenade nerfing is the penalty imposed on the Terrorist team that has a player remaining at the end of round time, without accomplishing the objective.

"- Fixed Terrorists getting loser bonus payout for running down the clock. Now Terrorists get no income if the round timer runs out."

This is widely considered a "save" and is a very common strategy in the following scenario as an example. 

On dust2, if the Terrorist team  rushes in to bombsite B, and has 4 out of their 5 players killed, the bomb dropped, and hee 1 remaining player holding an AWP, it's very common for that 1 player to think better of the situation and try to hide until the round ends so they can maintain their AWP and not need to rebuy it at the beginning of the next round. 

In the prior Counter-Strike games, this individual player would receive NO MONEY towards the next round, but that was the tradeoff for saving their gun, armor, etc. However, this update now penalizes the ENTIRE TERRORIST TEAM the same way-- NO ONE on the team receives any bonus money. 

It's our belief that this was probably a miscommunication between the pro players and the Valve developers, and that we'll see it fixed in pretty short order. In the meantime, however, any matches or scrims being played with the current set up will find that the game will drastically pick up pace. Between the fire grenades not having their "game-slowing" impact, and the fact that saving your weapons as a T hurts the entire team, expect to see more aggressiveness out of the Terrorist side teams for a while.

You can read the release notes for this update here