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The QUALITY of the PEOPLE you play with is IMPORTANT!

Reading some of the threads lately about "shady individuals in the community" gave me the idea to write this post. In short, the quality of the people you play CS:GO with is IMPORTANT, far more important than you realize, and definitely more important than how well they hit their shots in game. In fact, the quality of the people you surround yourself with in ANY aspect of life is IMPORTANT. 

Sticking more to CS:GO, here are a couple of items to prove this point. If one of your teammates is someone you don't get along with or someone you may not like as a person, what do you think your chance of winning as a team is? Regardless of individual skill, teammates that don't get along WILL NOT WIN together. Most of the time you'll feel the camels back being broken, one bad round/scrim at a time until eventually you and/or the team goes separate ways. This type of game requires a tremendous amount of teamwork and chemistry, and if you and a teammate don't have a fundamental "human-level" chemistry, you will never reach your potential as a team. Period. 

Then think of the amount of time you spend playing this game with your teammates. There's a chance you spend more time online with your teammates than you do with certain friends/family members, and that's even more likely if you're a highly competitive player with aspirations of going pro. If you were in person with a teammate or person you didn't get along with or someone who didn't live up to your "people standards", would you really want to invest that much time with them on something? I doubt it. So why play for countless hours with someone just to find out that they're a low quality human, or that they lie/cheat/steal? When the team breaks up and you have to re-invest that time elsewhere, do you think it was all worth it? 

 What do you focus on when picking up new teammates?

What do you focus on when picking up new teammates?

The quality of person that you surround yourself with in LIFE will, no matter what, impact WHO YOU ARE in one way or another. Have you ever spent time with someone who overuses a phrase, or has a certain way of saying things, and then you start to catch yourself using that phrase or talking that way? People subconsciously pick up and mimic things others do or how they act. If one of your teammates swears a ton, steals, and has little or no morals, do you want to be mimicking habits from them? Probably not. 

So how do you build better team chemistry, once the low quality person(s) is removed? Build great relationships with high quality people, starting with yourself. People will be naturally attracted to you and other quality individuals, and from there, you can begin to build personal relationships outside of the game. If you're planning on attending a LAN event, get in a day or two early and spend time hanging out. Catch a movie, grab a drink or a nice meal... become better friends. Some of the guys I played with as far back as 50calibre (wow, has it really been that many years?) I still keep in touch with and even play a little CS:GO with (talking about you, BobbyG).

Now it goes without saying that no one is perfect, and we all rage at the game and even our teammates from time to time. But when it comes to issues where there's clearly a "right" and a "wrong", and a member of your team consistently chooses the "wrong", you can either A, find a replacement player (or team) or B, push that teammate to be a better PERSON, and for all you know, the impact you make could change their life. Imagine that.

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