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CS:GO Interp Bug - aka "Peeker's Advantage" FIX?

Woke up this morning to see an interesting thread mentioning the server cvar setting of sv_clockcorrection_msecs. It was being discussed as a fix to the infamous "peekers advantage", which is a situation in which player A, who is running/moving and peeks a corner, sees Player B, who is waiting on the other side of the corner "playing the angle", before Player B sees Player A. This has a huge impact to competitive game play, as you can't "hold the angle" as you could in other games since you have a BIG reaction time gap to make up for (as they see you before you see them). This video helps demonstrate this for those who need the visuals here to make sense of this. 

Unfortunately, no videos have been posted with this server cvar value set to 0, as is the recommended "fix" to compare and contrast the before and after.

The command, which has a default value of 60, is used to help correct network "jitter", which is a change in latency from one packet to the next. So for example, let's say you send Packet 1 to the server, and it has about a 30ms delay, and then you send Packet 2, and it has a 40ms delay. In this scenario, you'd have 10ms of "jitter".

Being a network professional by trade, it's rare to see 60ms of jitter on any decent network (and even not so decent ones), so my immediate thoughts are this should be set much, much lower at the very least. To test this out for yourself, have your game server provider set 

+sv_clockcorrection_msecs 0 in their server launch options. Let us know your feedback and if this helps solve this issue for you! 

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