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RyuLAN Lockbox Competitive Pub - Online

For those who have followed RyuLAN over the years, you may remember that we had a public server online back in the day that had players from different levels of competitive, league-play keeping the server full, active, and highly competitive.

We would usually run the map rotation around current or upcoming league maps to allow players time to practice holding their spots, peeking different spots, learning new flashes, etc. After discussing with some of the ESEA community, we've decided to bring it back online for CS:GO with the goal of having a fun, competitive yet semi-casual place for players to frag when they're not in the mood for a formal ESEA pug or scrim.

The server can be accessed at:

  • : 27015
  • IP Address:

As we did last time, we're looking for the more regular players to volunteer for admin access to help administer the server throughout the daytime. Leave a comment or see the Contact page if you're interested in helping out!

Enjoy the fraggin (and for some, the nostalgia)!