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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released - GOTV!

As promised, the CS:GO developers have provided the much desired "GOTV" for spectating games/matches on time and before the ESWC finals, with an update delivered via Steam last night. 

In addition to the traditional "SourceTV" or "HLTV" spectator modes, they've also added a "map overview that displays players, events, grenade detonations, etc.". It can also be drawn or annotated on (think John Madden drawing on the screen while watching the NFL). With the right shoutcaster, the game and all its strategies could be drawn up and explained. 

They've added CVARs to enable or disable this as desired.

Some of the other enhancements in this update include "skill groups" for the competitive matchmaking system. The developers blogged:

Skill Group Example image from

"When you have won at least 10 competitive matches, we’ll reveal your Skill Group as an icon that you can see on the main menu. You can see your friends’ Skill Group when you join a party in the Play With Friends menu, and you can see other players’ Skill Groups when you reach the end of a match."

Last but certainly not least, there is now an ability to SAVE match information and then use it to restore to a point in time in case of a server crash during a tournament. This is a huge and very valuable addition (as hosts of tournaments, we're going to eat this kind of stuff up all the time) that could save a lot of heartache and pain in a pinch. 

To read the release notes in their entirety, see this link.