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CS:GO Developers Set to Release GOTV

It was rumored that GOTV would be available before the ESWC finals-- and the CS:GO devs have Tweeted out a preview image (see below) indicating that they're on track. Here is a link to the Tweet directly.

GOTV, if similar to past CS games, will provide remote spectators a much better experience without the requirement of an in-game spectator streaming the match and picking a specific player to watch.

GOTV will likely provide the ability for viewers external to the game being played to join the GOTV address, and spectate the player(s) of their choice. It also will likely provide the ability to record a  GOTV demo of the match, allowing all angles of play to be captured in a single demo file. 

Expect to see more highlight videos with better edits, better strats covered and copied, and more matches available to spectate. While it may not seem like a big deal to the casual player, when viewership breeds more competitive players and can attract new gamers, it's a really big deal. It also helps provide better sponsorship opportunities, and all that feeds right back into the game/community. Very exciting times early on in CS:GO.

GOTV Preview as Tweeted out by the CS:GO Developers