To celebrate finding my old Razer Diamondback 3G, and my even older ORIGINAL Razer Diamondback, we decided today was a great day to RELEASE THE KRAKEN -- a brand new-in-box Razer Kraken headset. As a long time Razer fan, it's saddened us that they haven't released an updated or revamped Diamondback with the same mouse shape and overall simplicity, but we're thankful we've found ones we can use in the short term.

 The Kraken... before its release.

The Kraken... before its release.

Being fans for so long, we figure it'd be a good time to give someone a shiny new headset and help build a future fan, and given the time of year with Thanksgiving only a day away, we'll keep with the theme of the holiday. 

If you'd like to try your hand at capturing the Kraken, simply follow us on Twitter (@RyuLAN_)  and tweet what you are most thankful for this year using the hashtag #RyuLAN to enter between now and Monday, the 26th. The winner will be chosen based on perceived thoughtfulness of response. 

Take time to appreciate all that you have-- life's ALWAYS better than you realize!

Award Rules:

In order to comply with state and local laws, the following information is provided to all interested parties and/or entrants. No purchases necessary. Actual retail value of the items is $79.99. The items cost the giver of these items the prices listed. Contest ends prior to December 5th. The winner will be chosen no later than ten (10) days of the end of the contest, and will be posted on this website. Open to all U.S and Canadian residents; void where prohibited. Due to participation of Canadian citizens, this giveaway must qualify as a contest in which the winner is chosen on merit.