Gaming Mouse Giveaway - NEGEV Challenge!

Well, the last giveaway has ended and the headset will shortly be in a box and on its way to the winner, so it's time to start the next one.

 Belt loaded beast!

Belt loaded beast!

As indicated in the previous post, we have a SteelSeries Sensei mouse brand new in the box to giveaway. What wasn't mentioned in the previous post is that we ALSO have a Razer Deathadder, also brand new in the box.

For this giveaway, we thought it'd be fun to have you submit your best in-pug or scrim NEGEV fragging clip. The NEGEV is a weapon that lends itself to many laughs, so extra consideration will be given to clips that make us laugh the hardest. The guidelines for the clip are:

  • No more than roughly 2 minutes long
  • Try to include at least an entire round, start to finish (to prove it was mid pug!), but clips of multi round fragging are allowed
  • Very high in detail and graphics quality and in HD (720p or better)
  • Post a link to the YouTube clip in the comments
  • Also please have the video file itself available if requested

Similar to the last giveaway, I'll put the clips up to a vote with 3 -5 of the videos I thought were best after a week or so. The winner (or winners... hint) will have their choice of either the Sensei or Deathadder, with the most votes getting first choice. 

As a semi-related note, we're looking for some great video editors to help clip some things for our next event. Let us know if you're interested! 

Award Rules:

In order to comply with state and local laws, the following information is provided to all interested parties and/or entrants. No purchases necessary. Actual retail value of the items is $89.99 for the Sensei mouse, and $59.99 for the Deathadder, a minimum of one of which will be given away as part of this contest. The items cost the giver of these items the prices listed. Being a contest by law, the is no element of chance, and the winner will be determined based on merits as outlined above. Contest ends within the time frame outlined above-- prior to the end of November. The winner will be chosen no later than ten  (10) days of the end of the contest, and will be posted on this website. Open to all U.S and Canadian residents; void where prohibited. Due to participation of Canadian citizens, this giveaway must qualify as a contest in which the winner is chosen on merit.

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