From the Players

"He actually exceeded our expectations... the computers were great. I've been to over 50 LANs, and this is one of the top 5 for sure. It's been run, REALLY well" - Remix

"Excellent work, Ryu" -delgado

"Ryu is doing a great thing for the community. Keep up the good work!" -Firewalk

"Ryu is the best thing to happen to Source since CPL, thanks for being so amazing!" -Pr0d

"Ryu deserves to drink for free every night there" -BelgianWaffles

"Pro Ryu <3" -solraK

"Ryu is a god" -justiN_

"<3 Ryu. Ur awesome" -Sp0nger

"Thanks For The Source Community Support <3 Ryu ,, its about time we start to get better and bigger lans" -OuZi

"Awesome job RYU! This is going to help out the source community so much. diB will be in attendance, definitely" -THendry

"This guy is a MMMmmonster" -v3n

"thank you Ryu for a great LAN" -markuS

"Ryu mad props for running a smooth tournament...If anyone wants to go to a fun tournament at a nice venue with great staff with good prizes then I suggest going to the next Ryu LAN (if he has another) <3 Ryu" -deppy

"I agree with Deppy to the fullest extent. Ryu had 8 matches going at once, eight, 5 more than CPL could run, and they all went smooth." -slay_addict

"Well done to Ryu tbh, great stuff." -Flx-V

"not gunna lie ryu looks like he can crush every1 at that lan by himself ;p" -morphinE

"so pro = you" -nofearr

"You are such a beast" -jnkx

"why r ur arms so huge" - fusi

"Colombia <3 u!! We wanna see the Ryu Pub!!!" -Columbia_SMG

"+1 to anything ryu lan related." -jsxy

"i am #*&%ing pumped for ryulan" -lpkane

"I've been to probably over 50 LANs, and this one is top 5 for sure, it's been run REALLY well." - Remix

"I have been to a lot of LANs and I can say with a lot of confidence that this lan was ran to complete and utter perfection."

"Seriously Ryu did an awesome job." -adreN

"I have been to a lot of LANs and I can say with a lot of confidence that this LAN was ran to complete and utter perfection. " -shaffeR

"Cheers to Ryu!! He even took out $400 out of his pocket to give out to teams for winning knife rounds. The computers were fantastic. I really hope Ryu hosts another event." -sapphire