What is RyuLAN?

What is RyuLAN? 

RyuLAN is an eSports organization founded and run by Counter-Strike player Ryu. The entire focus of the RyuLAN team is to give back to the gaming community in the form of LAN events, giveaways, tips and tricks reviews, and much more. If you have an idea on additional ways we can help support eSports, please contact us!

Our first event was hosted for Counter-Strike: Source, was widely regarded as a major success and one of the best LANs for the game, and included the top teams in North America. The winning team was EFG, and a link to one of their highlight videos is posted on the Home page (though it may be a few pages back). 

Why host a RyuLAN event for CS:GO?

We believe Counter-Strike Global Offensive has a HUGE opportunity-- one Counter-Strike:Source never had. That opportunity is to combine the majority of the competitive teams from the prior CS games into CS:GO. Some of the major leagues already have more CS:GO teams than they do teams in ALL OTHER GAMES COMBINED, and the number of teams for CS:S and CS 1.6 are dwindling. We want to bring those players to CS:GO!

While we may be a bit bias, we believe a competitive LAN event with a sizable prize pot is the NUMBER ONE way to make this happen. That is the hope and goal for our first CS:GO event-- to bring teams from all three games together to duke it out on LAN.

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