Introducing a Little Anarchy Tournament - $500 Prize Pot

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Ryu, May 16, 2013.


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  1. Ryu Administrator

    I will set a limit to somewhere around 12 teams total (so 60 players), and we'll get the players online to play, pick some captains, and then let them pick their teams, "10-man" style. From there, we will break the teams into a single elimination bracket, for a winning-team-take-all $500 prize pot. Each player on the winning team would win $100, or their choice of a few different hardware/gaming accessories.

    We'll provide the game server(s), the Mumble server, a stream-- all the goods-- over the course of a few nights (depending on the amount of interest/teams) to run the tournament with.

    This should give newer players the opportunity to play with more experienced players, shake up the "daily routine", and as the Joker would say, "Introduce a little anarchy".

    Who's interested?

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  2. WheelchairWarrior New Member

  3. maggot New Member

    I'm not much of a player these days but I'll gladly help run things :}
  4. becK New Member

    Im in this.
  5. Ryu Administrator

    Seems like some are hesitant since it's "off-client". I'll leave it here for a few days and see if it moves along before deciding next steps.

  6. JaeE New Member

    I would love to! But kinda sketchy without anti-cheat :p.
  7. Synergy New Member

    im in on that
  8. adept New Member

    I'm interested
  9. WheelchairWarrior New Member

    Lack of anti cheat does blow. However I'm sure with such a small amount of teams it would be possible to have Ryu himself and possibly one of his friends spectate the matches to see if anything shady is going on? Hardly a 100% cheat proof but its a start.
  10. SparX New Member

    I'm game!
  11. DeKa New Member

    I'm down.
  12. Perseus Member

  13. masq New Member

    With anti-cheat I'd be down
  14. DAVEY New Member

    Would this be online or lan?
  15. SparX New Member

  16. WhiskeyAlpha New Member

    I think that the VAC news could make this a a little better.
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  17. Faust New Member

    I enjoy it :) Would be down.
  18. mk- New Member

    I would love too!!
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  19. Slemmy New Member

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